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A Premier Asset Management System

Fixed Asset Pro operates under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista and Windows NT environments. It is available in Standard Edition, a single user system caters to the needs of smaller businesses as well as Enterprise Edition that operates under multi-users environment with built-in security access control, data import and export features and a powerful report generator.


  • Single-user system

  • User friendliness and easy of use with clear, intuitive interface

  • Improved accountability and time and cost savings

  • Unlimited number of records - Asset database or other master files

  • Set preference for date and telephone formats to cater for different reporting format in different region

  • Set color preference for wallpaper and screen types

  • Store, view and print digital images of asset

  • Software organizer to track software licenses and registration

  • Quick Asset Entry

  • Shortcut toolbar for immediate access to certain functions

  • Extensive and comprehensive on-line query function

  • Straight line and balancing method of depreciation

  • Straight line and balancing method of Capital allowance for taxation purpose

  • Vendor tracking

  • Depreciation & Capital Allowance Analysis

  • Deferred Taxation reporting

  • Keeping track of maintenance and repair records for each asset

  • Keeping track of all maintenance contracts for assets

  • Keeping track of all asset transfer details from one location to another

  • Asset Disposal

  • Listing of asset for insurance purpose

  • Tracking of equipment assigned to employees or other persons

  • Capital Expenditures Budget

  • Depreciation Projection

  • Asset tagging

  • Print barcode code39 label

  • Physical Inventory

  • Multi-currency function for capturing asset data with original currency and home currency

  • Multiple Currencies Reporting

  • Over 200 pre-formatted reports with the flexibility of runtime criteria selection by users

  • Print reports to PDF, XML, HTM and HTML formats

  • Print Reports To Excel exports standard reports to Microsoft Excel directly and seamlessly

  • End of period journal summary (for GL posting)

  • Export monthly depreciation journal to csv file

  • Utilities for data integrity check, database scanner, database recovery and repair

  • Utilities for backing up and restoring data

  • Comprehensive, detailed and context-sensitive on-line help

  • Comprehensive and detailed electronic manual available in Acrobat pdf and Word doc formats


BrotherSoft Review Staff give this product the maximum 5 out of 5 Rating because this product is easy to use, it has a professional looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section and it will be accepted by more software users.

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