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The Report Generator is one of the most powerful reporting tools on the market! You can now create sophisticated reports from your data files faster than you ever thought possible. This revolutionary development environment will dramatically increase your productivity. You can use practically any existing database effortlessly. Tutorials are included for guidance and assistance in learning process.  Before you know it, you'll be creating reports "at the speed of light."

  • Report Generator can read TopSpeed, Clarion, Btrieve, Scalable, dBase III or IV, FoxPro, Clipper, ODBC, ASCII, BASIC, and DOS files

  • Sort data any way you choose and retrieve only those records you select

  • Import your existing data files' definitions, from most supported file formats and link them using User-defined relationships.

  • Perform mathematical calculations on your data.

  • Create "error-proof" formulas, conditions, and computed fields with the Formula Editor.

  • Create "runtime" entry fieldsóvalues you enter just before you run a report. These values can even be used to perform computations or filters on your data.

  • Use memo fields and image fields.

  • Protect your reports and databases with passwords.

  • Modify your reports to print dates, text, and numbers in any format.

  • Organize any type of information. You can make a wide variety of reports including: inventory reports, payable and receivable reports, customer, client, and vendor reports, mailing list labels, form letters, personnel reports... The list goes on and on.

  • Easily print on labels or pre-printed forms.

  • Control your report's pagination easily, for example, printing a section of your report on its own page.

  • Design reports in a WYSIWYG (What You See, Is What You Get) formatter. All of your report's elements are shown right on the screen.

  • Create multiple detail bands. You can print a different detail band for different situations, in the same report.

  • Run a report directly from a Windows Icon or shortcut. You can even supply passwords and runtime field values through an Initialization File (.INI).

  • Immediate ResultsóBuild Your Reports in minutes. Report Wizards will build a report from a dictionary, a data file, or a database. Specify a few options, and your report is ready for the printer.

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