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Fixed Asset Pro Standard Edition is available as a stand alone, single-user system specifically designed for small businesses requiring an automated system to manage their assets. The Standard Edition is an ideal system to start managing company assets more efficiently at a fraction of your total assets investment costs. And, as your company grows you can easily upgrade to the Enterprise Edition and take advantage of its useful security features and other enhancements, plus expansion to a network environment.

  • Single-user system

  • Single company

  • User friendliness and easy of use with clear, intuitive interface

  • Improved accountability and time and cost savings

  • Unlimited number of records - Asset database or other master files

  • Set preference for date and telephone formats to cater for different reporting format in different region

  • Set color preference for wallpaper and screen types

  • Store, view and print digital images of asset

  • Software organizer to track software licenses and registration

  • Quick Asset Entry

  • Shortcut toolbar for immediate access to certain functions

  • Extensive and comprehensive on-line query function

  • Straight line and balancing method of depreciation

  • Straight line and balancing method of Capital allowance for taxation purpose

  • Vendor tracking

  • Depreciation & Capital Allowance Analysis

  • Deferred Taxation reporting

  • Keeping track of maintenance and repair records for each asset

  • Keeping track of all maintenance contracts for assets

  • Keeping track of all asset transfer details from one location to another

  • Asset Disposal

  • Listing of asset for insurance purpose

  • Tracking of equipment assigned to employees or other persons

  • Capital Expenditures Budget

  • Depreciation Projection

  • Asset tagging

  • Print barcode code39 label

  • Physical Inventory

  • Multi-currency function for capturing asset data with original currency and home currency

  • Multiple Currencies Reporting

  • Over 200 pre-formatted reports with the flexibility of runtime criteria selection by users

  • Print reports to PDF, XML, HTM and HTML formats

  • Print Reports To Excel exports standard reports to Microsoft Excel directly and seamlessly

  • End of period journal summary (for GL posting)

  • Export monthly depreciation journal to csv file

  • Utilities for data integrity check, database scanner, database recovery and repair

  • Utilities for backing up and restoring data

  • Comprehensive, detailed and context-sensitive on-line help

  • Comprehensive and detailed electronic manual available in Acrobat pdf and Word doc formats


"Hello! My name is Roxane and I am the owner of www.roxysoft.com.Today 01 Sep 2007, we have tested one of your software products: Fixed Asset Pro 2004 3.2.

Installation went smooth on two of our test computers and we have found no adware, backdors or viruses in the installation kit.

After reviewing Fixed Asset Pro 2004 3.2 we have found it to be EXCELLENT and we would like to congratulate you for the quality of your product.

We have decided to list MindSoft Utilities XP 9.6 on our website and to grant an award certifying the quality of this software product"

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